A tax on imports or exports. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom. This sets out information about customs procedures for the import, export and transit of goods. It also includes details of how goods are classified for customs purposes and the rates of duty and VAT which apply to them. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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tariff tar‧iff [ˈtærf] noun [countable usually plural]
1. TAX ECONOMICS a tax on goods coming into a country or going out of it:

• France and Germany imposed import tariffs on grain.

• Canadian retailers said that higher tariffs in Canada compared with the U.S. were contributing to higher prices on some goods sold in Canada.

ad vaˈlorem ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
a tariff that varies, depending on the value of the goods, rather than one that is a fixed amount
ˈcompound ˌtariff ECONOMICS TAX
a tariff with two parts, one that depends on the value of the goods and one that is a fixed amount
ˈcustoms ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
a tax on goods brought into a country that is used to raise money for the government and to protect industries in the country from competition from abroad; = CUSTOMS DUTY:

• High customs tariffs were introduced to prevent a large-scale inflow of consumer goods.

disˈcriminating ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
another name for multiple tariff
ˈimport ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
a tariff on goods coming into a country from abroad, often used by governments as a way of reducing imports and protecting local industries; = IMPORT DUTY; IMPORT LEVY; IMPORT SURCHARGE:

• In Honduras, we have opened our market dramatically, reducing import tariff rates from 135% to 20%.

ˈmultiple ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
a tariff with different rates that depend on the country the goods are coming from
proˈtective ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
a tariff aimed at controlling the amount of foreign goods coming into a country, protecting home producers from foreign competition:

• Protective tariffs limited the expansion of commerce between nations.

ˈpunitive ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
an extra tariff charged on goods going into or out of a country, that is introduced because a country has done business in an illegal or unfair way:

• The administration issued a list of Chinese products that could be subject to punitive tariffs if Beijing didn't do more to protect U.S. patents and copyrights.

reˈtaliatory ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
another name for punitive tariff
ˈrevenue ˌtariff TAX ECONOMICS
a tariff that is introduced to earn money for a country, rather than one to protect home businesses
2. FINANCE COMMERCE a list of fixed prices, especially ones that change, depending on the time, day etc:

Telephone tariffs are set by a government model to provide a 12% real rate of return.

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tariff UK US /ˈtærɪf/ noun [C]
TAX, ECONOMICS, COMMERCE a tax on goods coming into or going out of a country: »

Prices and tariffs change all the time, so it's difficult to say what you will get for your money.

a tariff on sth »

The tariff on optical cables is 8.4%.

impose/set/reduce tariffs »

The US has imposed new tariffs on chocolate from Brazil.

cut/eliminate/remove tariffs »

An agreement was reached to eliminate tariffs on information technology products.

high/low/steep tariffs on sth »

High tariffs on furniture imports are still imposed by some developing countries to protect local carpenters.

tariff barriers/protection/rates »

The protectionist wall of high tariff barriers and import restrictions is being breached.


an increase/a reduction in tariffs


agricultural/industrial tariffs


customs/export/import tariffs


tariff concessions/cuts/reductions

See Note TAX(Cf. ↑tax)
COMMERCE a list of fixed prices charged by a company for services, by a hotel for rooms, etc.: »

Many smaller competitors have entered the market to undercut the company's telephone tariffs.


Environment Energy offers a no-premium green electricity tariff.

See also AD VALOREM(Cf. ↑ad valorem), COMPOUND TARIFF(Cf. ↑compound tariff), MULTIPLE TARIFF(Cf. ↑multiple tariff), PROTECTIVE TARIFF(Cf. ↑protective tariff), PUNITIVE TARIFF(Cf. ↑punitive tariff), RETALIATORY TARIFF(Cf. ↑retaliatory tariff), REVENUE TARIFF(Cf. ↑revenue tariff)

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(on imports or on exports)

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